Monday, June 14, 2010

does this say monday or what?!


happy monday loves!!! i figured....what better way to celebrate 300 whole posts than scary gerard. plus...i was too lazy to look for anything better on google.....2 pages of basically this same picture over and over, and i was over it.

i spent part of sunday shopping (mostly because the mall is inside, and air conditioned, and it is HOT AS HADES in my neck of the woods right now. yipes.) anyhoo...the hubs and i got some MEGA sales...he got 2 new ties, so he can rock out his (hopefully) last job interview tomorrow....this one is at the actual company, all the others have been over the phone!

we stopped by the big bath and body works sale...and we loaded. up.

i got this yummy yummy lotion, and matching showe gel...cuz i hate the way it tastes, but i LOOOOVE the way pink grapefruit smells. don't it figure the website now says the shower gel is $3 instead of the $5 i paid....totally contemplated taking it back and getting a price change...BUT since the cashier let me use my coupon for a free item when it was already expired...i'm gonna be good. for $30, i got the pink grapefruit lotion and gel, another body cream in orange sapphire (yummmmm), a full-size perfume in white citrus (normally $27, on sale for $6.75), the hubs got 2 dude things, a $1 trial of the next scent coming out in july, and a big tote that i can get 10% off things with through next month. HOLLA!!

also totally scored at ann taylor loft....3/4 sleeve ruffle white cardigan, and 2 lightweight knit 3/4 sleeve sweaters for $30. the cardi was $18, the others were SIX DOLLARS APIECE!!! even i don't wear them until october...can't beat $6.
so now i'm contemplating this skirt i scoped out at target a few weeks ago, cuz it's only $15.

i love the tulip-y sort of shape...but the waistband is just thick black elastic. and that will either be awesome...or make me look like a heifer.

but this pattern on the fabric is TO. DIE. FOR.
but it looks SOOO good tucked in...and i don't really do that. all my weight is in my midsection, so tucking in = looking preggers. and i'm not.
so....thoughts? get it for $15 and experiment?


Salt said...

I think for only $15 you should get it and experiment. That pattern is totally bad-a and I bet that Gerard Butler would approve.

HAPPY 300th POST!!!

bananas. said...

Do you even have to ask me? I'm always the bad influence, or good depending on the sitch...i say get it. Why wouldn't you?

Happy monday hayley! Oh and better yet, happy 300! Rawrrrr!!!

Tiffany said...

That print is darling! I agree with you...I never tuck anything in. And yes, that skirt needs something tucked in. I say try it! Can't hurt!