Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i've been harboring a secret

and i've been sitting on this secret for 18 months...and one day.

but today, i decided it's time, on my last full day of work at my tv station, to come out of the closet.

so what is this deep, dark, hasn't been shared with ANYONE but my husband last night and a few close, non-work friends??


there, i said it. now i feel so much better =)

if you don't already know, cake wrecks is the best collection in the whole wide interner world of terrible, awful, no good, very bad cakes. they spell things wrong. they look like poo. they write incorrect messages.

and sometimes, just sometimes...they feature giant head cakes.
oh that's right...I SUBMITTED THAT CAKE. want proof?? check it out!! hayley e. = me.

and i've seen it with my very own eyes...and my cell phone, cuz how do you NOT take a picture of this nonsense?!

i honest to goodness have nothing but love for the bakery that made this cake...they made my wedding cake and grooms cake after all. and they were both delicious!!

see?! those aren't abominations of fondant and edible photos!! they're buttercreamy goodness.

but nothing excuses the terrifying ordeal of seeing your coworkers' faces on a distorted pair of boobs. that are supposed to be heads.


bananas. said...

Bwaaaahahahahhaaa! Omg that effin HIDEOUS! Ha!!!! Whats with the boobheads?! And where can i order a cake like this?!

Salt said...

I LOVE Cake Wrecks!!! Giant boob-head cake deserves all the recognition it got.

Your wedding cake was beautiful though and that groom's cake is AWESOME!

Claire Kiefer said...

HILARIOUS! What on earth is with that cake??? What was the occasion? I am dying to know more about what inspired that abomination!

Freck said...

How cool! hahaha, I loooove Cake Wrecks!!

a.p. said...

lol! i've never heard of that, but that cake is horendous!

Anonymous said...

beyond hilarious!!!