Friday, June 11, 2010

friday, and i'm in love!

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

oh how i love miss summer b. for giving me a reason every single week to think about all the things, big or small, that i just love love LOVE.

and today, ALL i can think about is spending the day at the pool tomorrow with my best friends. cooling off, floating around, maybe getting some color (if it can penetrate my layer of 70 spf because this girl burns EASY!!). and maybe...just maybe....rocking a fancy 'do.

i LOVE me some front braids. and who else rocks it better than lauren conrad?? i admit...i was tres intimidated by the braid. i've never been able to french braid or making it work on a little piece of my own hair was a challenge!

what i always end up doing is braiding the front, shorter layer piece of my hair into my longer hair, and back towards my ear. so then i can pin it in place and pull the whole thing up. i haven't done it for the pool yet, because i HATE getting burned in my hair part....but maybe i can figure something out.

and while i'm at the nails will be shining.

this is essie's "steel-ing the spotlight", aka the most awesome metallic polish ever. it's a little silver. it's a little gold. it's shiny...but not TOO shiny. it's a fab neutral that's way more fab than most neutrals. try it! you'll love it.

and of course...i am LOVING all the awesome music from glee's finale this week. so so SO good. see, the hubs and i have a thing about journey....he loves them. and so listening to so many, i love it too now. well...most of it. i still think "wheel in the sky" is stupid.

but imagine my SHOCK, when the hubs took the remote and turned up the tv when this song started!!! it was so awesome....this was VERY close to being our first dance song. it wasn't....but we did play it at the wedding.

"i'm forever yours....faithfully"

happy friday my dears!!!


Salt said...

I LOVE front braids!! And unfortunately because of my bangs, I can't do them right now. LC rocks them though! I like her.

Freck said...


Love the braids, holy moly they are a second day hair saver.

Have a great weekend!

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