Friday, June 18, 2010

this friday, i love my dad!

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series
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cuz this friday, i'm showing some love for the most important man in my life, minus the hubs of dad!!

i mean check out those laughs! if we aren't totally alike in our sense of one is. my dad pretty much rules. he CALLS ME randomly if he sees something on tv that he thinks i'll like (or if it's something we both already love....a la the sylvia episode of intervention. "MY BABIES!!!!!!" gets thrown around a lot at out house.)

see, i didn't know that every kid didn't go on "adventures" growing up. my parents would load my sister and i in the car, and off we'd do, destination unknown.
i also didn't find out until we BOUGHT OUR HOUSE that my mom never told my dad i was moving out, and in with the boyfriend (who's now the hubs) until the morning the moving truck came to get me.

explains why all he said to me was "have fun storming the castle".

i'm a daddy's girl, through and through. i teared up during my walk down the aisle, i teared up during my vows. i BAWLED LIKE A BABY during my dance with my dad. see that face?? full-on ugly cry.

and i fully believe that my parents' marriage is one of the best role models for how i want my marriage to be. they've been married 35 years (i think, i don't do math yo), and they're loving life sans my sister and i now. they go riding on the harley, they go to random events, they hang out.

sometimes they fight...but it's more like arguments. and they always make up. and my mom knows sometimes it's just because my dad is hungry or sick, and my dad knows sometimes my mom takes things too personally and gets upset...and they work it out. they always have.

see, my dad may be a 6'3", harley riding, flaming skull jacket wearing dude...but he's also A BIG GOOFBALL. which is why i love him so much, he's just the best dude ever!!

and yes, i now fully believe sometimes you marry someone just like your dad, because pops and the hubs are SO ALIKE IT'S CRAZY.

so i'll be spending sunday with my 2 favorite dudes, and probably the dogs, and of course my mom, and i wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


Salt said...

Rides a Harley in a flaming skull jacket!? Your dad sounds like my kind of guy!

Those pictures of the two of you together are beyond sweet. Happy father's day to him! He's lucky to have such a cool daughter!

bananas. said...

That's so sweet! Awww i love it. Your dad sounds like a hoot. Have fun w/him this weekend and happy father's day to him too!

淑瑄 said...

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