Tuesday, June 1, 2010

not a happy hayley

because i'm working late. well...working a weird shift that puts me not getting home until 9:30 tonight.

because of this.
i do take solace in the fact that hopefully this will be the LAST election (it's primaries in alabama) that i will EVER have to cover...not just participate it.

the worst part about working late? missing this.
sweet mother of all things glorious and wonderful....this is the BEST. SHOW. EVER. don't worry...you'll get a whole post about why i love wipeout when the actual season starts later this month.
i take solace in new purchases...like this.
isn't it purty?? i love the swirls, and how awesome it's gonna look with jeans, and white crops, and my white dress and my blue dress.
and that it was $30 orginally, and i had a 20% off coupon, AND THEN the awesome cashier at target went ahead and took off a $2 coupon that printed out with our purchase, so it ended up being only $22. LOVES. IT.
be back on the regular tomorrow my dears!!


Freck said...

So sorry you have to work late!

I'm actually watching Wipeout right now and it is HILARIOUS. Loving it!

Hope you get home in time to see some of it!

Christine said...

wipe out is pretty funny! and that is a cute sweater!!

Salt said...

WIPEOUT!!! I love it!!!

I'm sorry you had to work late. I have a totally crap schedule this week too that has me working early on Saturday morning. Lame.

Very cute sweater! You are so stylish, friend!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

Im glad you got to watch wipeout! Also I eyed that sweater too!

HaroldM22 said...
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bananas. said...

i don't know what you do but i'm guessing the vote is taking over your whole job. booo...also don't know much about this wipeout show. looks very very interesting.

happy hump day! here's to 2 more days and then...WEEKEND!!!