Thursday, December 17, 2009

stocking stuffer savings

are you looking for a little something something for someone's stocking....or perhaps your own?

how's about free??

CLICK HERE to print your coupon for a free lip item from bath and body works with ANY purchase. anytime i get these offers...i roll up and buy a mini bottle of sanitizer...for $1.50. and get my free stuff. cuz...i'm pretty sure $1.50 is the cheapest thing they have.

also, today only, pottery barn is offering free shipping on ANYTHING (except furniture)....except i'm in a fight with them.

if an item is no longer available...DO NOT PUT A PICTURE OF IT ON THE FREAKING WEBSITE. only gets my hopes up....and then crushes them.



Erin said...

Agreed about out of stock items! Either put "Out of Stock" in giant letters across the picture, or take the picture off. Don't make me scroll to the bottom to read your micro-mini font "this item is currently not available." Ridiculous!

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

totally agree with this!

Sonya said...

Kohls has done the suddenly out of stock thing too me twice now! It's very irritating!