Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a gift for mom...and one for me.

how did i get shopping done before boutique sites like ruelala and hautelook?

no clue.

so today, i get an email from HL saying "hey hales, check out dylan's candy bar today on our site....we know you love candy. and bright colors. and candy."

that might be a paraphrase....but it was kinda like that.

this is the first thing i found....these earrings are for my mama. she is the QUEEN of fun earrings...last year for christmas, i got her tiny silver chinese food boxes. it was rockstar. so i hope she'll love these too....i think they'll be precious with a black shirt!

i also find immense humor in the fact that she'll be a dental hygenist...rocking lollipop earrings.

and thus, with one present down....i think to myself, again "hales, don't YOOOUUUU want something too?!".

when i talk to myself in that voice...i have a hard time ignoring me.

so i got this hoodie....but in dark blue, with pink cuffs. SO. CUTE.

again...i love me some candy, and i love me some this was totally a "spoil myself cuz i had to work thanksgiving and just got the paycheck from it" gift....but that's okay right?

if you wanna hit up the hautelook for yourself, CLICK HERE for an invite from me...they have awesome stuff!


bananas. said...

OMG those earrings are hilarious! and the fact that your mom wears those is AWESOME!

The Pink Chick said...

What fun earrings! Your mom is going to adore those!