Wednesday, December 23, 2009

rocking the funk

i'm the first to admit...i tend to latch on to celeb trends...or at least the ones that i haven't really seen before, and want to start rocking myself.

and i have to say...i LOVE the whole dainty charm on a necklace thing...especially if there are several necklaces involved. i have the monogrammed ones, and a couple today, i bought myself a little present.

it took some waffling, cuz i wasn't sure about being the girl rocking a t-rex necklace...but for $20, it had to be done. imagine this with a ruffly girly dress, and some rocking boots. i am IN. LOVE.

it's a dinosaur for crying out loud!!

sadly...the hautelook shop was sold out of a tiny gold fortune cookie (and yes, i'd wear them's very godzilla vs. tokyo, no?) when you're in need of a cooky cookie (hah, i crack myself up), i go to one place....etsy.

and then i found an awesome shop with fortune cookies, and SOOOOOO much more.

this one is called "love takes work". how freaking adorable is this?? a heart AND a hammer. there's also a wrench and a saw version too.

i am so crazy about this it's hardly even funny! it's cold and silver...and the best part is most definitely the rain drop. i would wear this ALL. THE. TIME.

and for all you four-eyes like me...this can't be beat. even though i'm a contacts girl now...i'll always be a glasses girl at heart. i love how retro they look too!
all of these precious necklaces are from Lanyapi's etsy shop, and they aren't more than about $25 please go check it out...but DON'T steal the ones i want =)


Anonymous said...

I saw your FB message and was like I've gotta see this necklace! It's too cute! I wonder if they have any other dinosaurs like a stegasaurus or something.

I'm a huge sucker for heart charms (I have a 3 tone gold puffy heart pendant and trying to get a charm bracelet to match), so the love takes work is great!

Gotta go check out the store..

sGe said...

i read your guest post on Bi is for Brown and just had to let you know that my family goes out to Chinese food every Christmas Eve because of A Christmas Story; we love that movie just as much (especially my Daddy) and that's why we started our Chinese tradition. :)

KatherineBee said...

I absolutely love these (especially the dinosaur - darn you and your good taste!!)

MyLavaliere also has super cute, similar necklaces. I bought one almost identical to the umbrella one on there.

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

I love every single one of these! I always layer!
I need the umbrella one! Xoxoxo

Morgan said...

Read your guest post - adorable!
Have you visited SeaUnicorn's shop on Etsy. I think you will like - she makes similar dainty charm styles like you posted here.

Jules said...

I love cute necklaces like that dinosaur one! I’m going to head on over to that etsy shop, because the love takes work necklace is also adorable. Thanks for posting!