Monday, December 21, 2009

last minute gift

i spent all weekend wracking my brain as to what to get my grandmothers. one is in her 80's, the other in her 90's....lets face it, these ladies have pretty much everything they want. so what's a loving granddaughter to do?!?

i went with the age0old grandma that's right, both of them are getting a box of chocolates, and what i call a "grandma approved" 8x10 of the hubs and arty shots for them, just strictly straight on, smiles on our faces.

no lie, my mom asked if i could smaller ones. no mom...i think my grandmothers need to see me in my 8x10 bridal glory. get over it.

then she said "you better have gotten me one too."

oh demanding. and yes...i did get her one....but not just ANY 8x10.

i got her one of these!! doesn't say noodle time. and it's not of a blonde child we don't know.

it's a collage print from, and for $3.99, it's a steal!! i made mine with family pics from the and mom, me and dad, me and sis. you can add up to 20 photos...and make it landscape OR portrait. there are lots of background colors to choose from too.

the only thing i DON'T like is that you don't have an option to put the pics where you want them...only refreshing the collage until you get something you like. but for $4...i can deal.

if you want one, i can save you some cash! use the code 33COLLAGE and get 33% off. AND you can get them printed at your local walgreens and pick them up, instead of waiting to have it shipped to this could be wrapped and under your tree in a $5 walmart frame tonight!!


teamjinfred said...

We did something similar. We hopped on and did our wedding album ($45 for 28 pages) and that's going to both sets of parents and my grandmas. My parents opened their presents this weekend and my mom keeps calling it her "best gift ever".

Sonya said...

I did a collage like that from my SIL's wedding. The only thing I found disappointing was that you couldn't move the pictures where you wanted them. I would have liked that feature. But I guess it's what you get for what you pay!

Mrs. Smith said...

We did wedding photo gifts for all our parents and grandparents this year too. That's all they really like anyway.

Funny thing - one of my grandmothers gave us a framed picture of herself as well. :)

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

Thanks for posting about this!!! I just made 3 different ones for Christmas gifts!!! FABULOUS! :)

bananas. said...

photos are the best kind of gift. everyone loves 'em! i know i do :)