Monday, December 14, 2009

spending other people's money

the hubs and i spent the weekend braving the cold and the rain to get some christmas shopping done...and to spend some of our wedding gift cards!!

our first stop....bed bath and beyond. for THIS beauty ::cue hallelujah chorus::

i am a wise woman...and talked the hubs into letting me get this with our cards, on the guise that he gets ot benefit from the all the goodies i make.

plus, that's his freakish metabolism fighting the widening waist...NOT mine.

we knew we had at least $200 in cards...and a couple we didn't know a total on. so we went in ambitious.

turns out...we got this....

plus these STELLAR flocked hangers, PLUS an ornament for the in-law's....for $35. oh how i heart me some gift cards. the best part? the mixer had a $30 rebate with we'll pretty much get everything for less than $6.

by the way have you tried the flocked hangers? BEST. THING. EVER. they don't put points in your shirt shoulders, and they take up so much less room in the closet....i'm probably gonna give the mister....10. and keep 40 for me.

think our gift card adventure ends here?? no. way.

oh i love you. we rolled up with $75 in gift cards, plus a $10 off $10 if i used my discover card. so we got this cooldaddy fryer (love the name!!) plus a sweet wooden spoon...for $3 and change. holla! AND since we "spent" $50, even if it was a gift card....we got $10 in kohl's cash to spend this week. which is pretty much free money. love that!!

and then yesterday, i made one of my favorite treats for a christmas party!

this is peppermint bark. aka the BEST. STUFF. EVER.
and it's so easy it's almost wrong.
you get a block of white chocolate almond's in a big block, at walmart for like $3....way better to use than the good stuff. trust me.
chop it all up, melt it in the microwave. add a splash of peppermint extract.
then take a box of candy canes, and unwrap them all. then put them in a ziploc...and get ready to get aggressive. or let your husband/boyfriend/angry neighbor just gotta bust them up.
then dump the busted up canes in the white chocolate mixture, and spread it on a cookie sheet. if you wanna be can put a layer of dark chocolate on too. me, i'm lazy. so mine always gets red sprinkles....sometimes green if i'm feeling awesome.


MrsSouthernBelle said...

Your black mixer is beautimus. Im a little jealous, Im not feeling the silver one anymore. =)

Sonya said...

You got some great stuff! I love the peppermint bark too! I'm going to have to make some now!

Mrs. Prepperoni said...

Now you've gotta make mallows with that gorgeous mixer!!!

Freck said...

Great finds!! ..and is that...a huggable hanger from Joy Montano!?

bananas. said...

i'm intrigued by those flocked hangers. i use wood hangers for my exposed closet (looks nicer) and plastic for my hidden closet but i swear both closets look like they are going to explode. I NEED MORE ROOM!

so yea, basically i need those hangers. were they expensive?

KatherineBee said...

I've always wanted a fryer, but I'm so scared I'll start frying everything and gain 500 lbs! Thanks for the bark recipe, I've got to try that.

ReesesPieces said...

Oh my goodness! Definitely doing the peppermint bark the next time my pepermint obsessed friends come over. Seriously, I must smell pepperminty or something, because I seem to attract an unusaual number of pepermint lovers. Of course I have to make a test batch for just me first... ;)

Mrs. Smith said...

I LOVE those hangers. We got 20 for our wedding... and Mr. Smith uses none. I use them all. Hide them even. He just can't appreciate them. (That's my justification!)

Kristin said...

You won't regret it. I'm in love with my kitchenaid!