Monday, December 28, 2009

how i spent my sunday

i promise, tomorrow i'll get to the "oooh, check out what i gots for christmas" bragging...but first, a little family introduction.

this is bojangles knowshon. for all you non-UGA fans who think i'm a terrible parent....knowshon moreno was an awesome player at UGA the year before and the year we got bo...until he went pro. still a little bitter.

but anyhoo, this little guy is 20 pounds of pure pug energy...."prone to obesity" like the internet says? i wish!! he never stops moving...and so the hubs and i figured we needed to find him a friend. we're always perusing the pups at petsmart, looking for the perfect little guy to hang with him. it takes a lot to be as cool as Bo...cuz he's pretty much the coolest.

blog friends, meet Keno. no, he does not actually have laser eyes...but that might be kind of cool. he's a beagle/some kind of herd dog mix....his body is bigger than bo's, but he has TEENSY legs!!
we saw him at petsmart this summer, for 2 weeks in a row...and then he was gone! in my head...i was always comparing other dogs to him. "oh, that one is not as cute as the dog i wanted" when we saw him back yesterday, i was thrilled...and mad! i thought someone had adopted him and brought him back!! but apparently....this particular shelter moves dogs around to different adoption sites, trying to find them homes. so keno was on a different route...then he got a wicked case of fleas. so they had to keep him away from the other pups till he was better. and now he is...and now, he lives with us!
Bo gave us this look like "who is this dude who keeps peeing on MY bushes in the yard?? and sitting on MY couch??". but i think they're gonna get along just fine...they're already fighting like brothers, and bo keeps luring keno into chasing him around!


Erin said...

He is cute as mess! Congrats on your new family member!

Amy Lynn said...

Cuteness!!!!! Congrats :)

KLaw said...

He's sooooo cute!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

He is precious, laser eyes and all!!

Little Pink Magnolia said...

How cute! I'm sure they will get along great!

Jennifer said...

aww I don't think I realized that you had a pug!! Both pups are adorable!
I loved adding a new one to our little group so I hope you have just as good a time with your new addition.

Mitzi G.!! said...