Friday, July 29, 2011

headed up the highway with my hubby

by the time you read this, this giant pile of clothes (which, for the record, took me like an hour+ to narrow down to only this pile)
me and my driver, aka the hubs, will be burning up the asphalt, heading from GA to NC for a much needed weekend away!!

we'll also be hanging with 2 of my besties for a raucous weekend of outdoor music and lots of vino and hopefully NOT a lot of headaches and pains ;)

we have more junk food packed for one 6 hour roadtrip than any two sane adults should...BUT a good raodtrip is defined by the snacks, right??

hence the twizzlers. the swedish fish. the pringles. the combos (pizza pretzel, thank you very much). the chex mix. the NASTY salt & vinegar chips that i will NOT be partaking in. plus all the cookies we bought to share with our friends when we get there.

and coke zeroes to drink. because if you're gonna give yourself a mobile crap don't want to waste calories on the beverages.

i'll be back monday, hopefully with LOTS of fun stories...if not, i'll at least show you the bracelets i'll be wearing each day!

have a great one friends!

1 comment:

Erin said...

I hope you guys had a great time! Good for your for getting away! =)
Oh, and salt and vinegar chips are just the unfortunate potatoes that were caught in the sweat sock wash at the potato factory, because that's what they taste like. Bleh!