Friday, July 8, 2011

loving vintage for my last day at 27

if there's one thing i's jewelry. the understated, classic kind. the kind with memories attached. of course the kind i make myself. and lately...the kind that's either old, or looks like it ought to be.

this was my necklace pairing yesterday. the colored necklace i snagged from my mom, who had it at home in with a big box of my aunt's jewelry that she got when my aunt carolyn passed away. let's be honest...mama is NOT gonna be rocking this particular piece of neckware. but me? i LOVE it, and it looks so different from  anything i've ever seen! the gold necklace mama bought me a few weeks ago at an antique store...again, love rocking things no one else has!
and these chunky beauties came home with me from a trip to forever 21 a few weeks ago. when i wore the triple stone one, i got more compliments than i think i ever have just wearing something around! it's so pretty, and i think it'll be awesome this winter too. the big stone necklace is actually a dark burgundy/brown stone...haven't figured out what to wear it will, but i'm sure i will =)

mom is taking me shopping this afternoon for my birthday, so i'm hoping i'll find some vintagey bling...and maybe i'll get some tomorrow to share with you monday, as an old lady ;)

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MrsSouthernBelle said...

Pretty and sentimental. The best kind.