Monday, July 11, 2011

i wish i got spoiled like this ALL the time!

now that i'm 2 full days into my 28th's starting to feel normal.

oh, who am i kidding....once you get past that magical "hey, i'm 21 and don't have to worry about the po-po crashing my house parties and arresting all my friends" birthday....they all sorta feel the same. they're fun, you get presents, you get cake...but it's not all "OMG, i'm 28!! holllllaaaaaa!!".

plus, now i have to stop calling the hubs grandpa, since he's now once again only a year older than me, instead of 2. oh wells.

guess i'll have to take solace in the fact that i got myself lots of new fun stuff for getting old(er).

first off...i was totally obsessed with my outfit for lunch with my fam. it hit me randomly friday night that the navy stripes might look cute with the yellow floral...LOVE. IT. i'm already contemplating other color/pattern mixes, plus figuring out what will go with my coral striped cardigan that's exactly the same.

this year, mom called me and said she hadn't bought me anything for my birthday. at first i was all "say wha dear mother?? i'm your first born should TOTALLY be showering me with gifts that you've lovingly thought of for months!"

but then she said we were going shopping instead, and i totally forgave her =)
we found these 3 tops, i LOVE them, and they're all so different from things i already have in my closet. plus, the purple has these straps under the crochet part that will hide my bra straps, so i don't have to die in a strapless bra in the middle of the summer. cuz that sucks.
these 3 purple/blue tanks were snagged from the clearance rack at target. mom was all "i do appreciate you trying to find a deal....but we don't HAVE to shop on the clearance rack!". oh know i love a bargain, even if someone else is paying. plus, everyone knows paying less for things means YOU GET MORE THINGS. and i'm all about that.
i love this dress. love. but i think i'll love it even more in about3 months when it's cooler out...cuz i am already dying at the thought of wearing it with black tights, brown boots and a cognac leather jacket. IT WILL BE AMAZING.

it will also probably get worn asap with black wedges. cuz that's how that dress rolls. by being multi-seasonal.
these sandals are so super cute, and have magic powers....see, they DON'T make my freakishly long toes look freakishly long. it's a good time had by all.

now, the mama isn't the only one spoiling me. the hubs of course got in on the action. all these pictures? taken with my sweet new fujifilm camera.

which i can drop and not break. and freeze and not break. and drop in the pool and NOT. BREAK.

it's basically the perfect camera for klutzy girls like me. he does know his wife pretty well. i gotta get used to what all the settings and buttons and lights mean...but it's nice to not have to rely on my phone.

especially since i had to get a new one. because i dropped it in the pool. klutzy i tell ya.
oh yeah, and meet my new best friend. her name is rosie.

okay, i totally did not ACTUALLY name my new rose gold fossil watch. but i do love her. and yes, she's a her....she's ROSE gold, that's not a dude color. she's perfectly chunky, and she's perfect on my arm with all my other bracelets.  might see about getting one more link, just to make her a little looser.

i hope you all had a great weekend too!!


katherinebee said...

Glad you had a good birthday. Love the watch!

bananas. said...

dang lady you made out like a bandit!!! that's my girl!!!

happy birthday (again) to you. i hope you're still celebrating (and shopping)! woohoo!!!