Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i'm gonna go ahead and have the t-shirt made

proclaiming my status as worst blogger ever. (or at least worst blogger that lives in my house. cuz my dogs are ALWAYS up on their game).

i worked for 3 days last week and didn't have much to say.

then i spent the weekend hanging with friends and not taking pictures or thinking about what to blog next.

then my beloved phone got dropped in the pool (score one for the universe and its HILARIOUS sense of humor...first time in 10 years anything has ever happened to my lifeline!)

luckily new phone should be here by this afternoon....i'm SUPER stoked about the unintentional upgrade. NOT so stoked about the $99 it cost, plus the fact that i have to START OVER ON ANGRY BIRDS!!!

legit, more than a little irate.

BUT a new phone means i can take pictures of the latest pretties to come out of my "studio" (cuz that sounds better than living room couch right?!).

also, i'm totally getting old this weekend. so i'm sure i'll tell you all about that.

and to make sure you don't leave without a little practical advice...if your dog is also a computer hacker and does this to your laptop...
you just have to hit ctrl+alt+down arrow to fix it.

in case you were wondering =)


Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

I think I could copy and paste your post right onto my blog! Sans the tech-savvy dogs. I just upgraded my phone...painful, but worth it!

bananas. said...

if you had an iphone it would've cost you double! i should know seeing how i lost/got my phone stolen last month. ugh...

also, that's the same reason i quit angry birds. i wasn't about to start over. no thank you very much.

finally, FYI, bad blogger you are not :)

Summer Athena said...

the angry birds comment made me laugh out loud. thank you for that. and sideways FB pages, nice doggy.

Gracie Beth said...

That is too funny about your dog!