Wednesday, August 3, 2011

adventures in the land of the hippies

you didn't think i'd abandoned you, did you?? heck no....i've just been being lazy for 2 days, recovering from our 5 hour drive home sunday afternoon, and the fewer hours of sleep i was going on spending a weekend with my girls!

our humble abode for the was totally cute inside. except i forgot to take pictures of the inside.

BUT, the hubs and i did totally snoop around while waiting for everyone else to arrive...the owner has christmas decorations in an antique buffet, and birthday candles in this storage thing in the kitchen.

plus quilted placemats on the dining room table. which did NOT involve snooping to discover...but they did offend my general sense of taste, and the fact that it's not 1986.
2/5 of our party, on the streets of asheville saturday afternoon.

IT. WAS. HOT. but i kept checking the weather for back home and taking solace in 90 degree temps, versus a heat index of 106.

also, totally got that blue shirt for $3 at target. i wish i'd gotten i could bring them with me. because if i NEVER see another 40+ year old man with a bear gut in super-short cutoff jean shorts and NO. will be too soon.

in case you were wondering...there are A LOT of hippies in asheville, nc. a LOT. we saw one guy (arguing with the jesus freaks preaching on the corner, NATURALLY) who had dreads....but instead of ropes of hair, it was one giant mat of hair on the back of his head. like a beaver tail.

i would have sneakily taken a photo of mr. beaver...but i was afraid it might startle him and he'd attack. or smother me with patchouli. that's what mr. beavers DO.
see, the hubs and i keep things classy, even in the land of the unwashed.


and i have quite the story about our trip home...but it needs a little photographic help. which should arrive soon =)


Erin said...

It looks like y'all had a great time and I am looking forward to your return trip story. =)

bananas. said...

fun stuff!! is that a street fest you girls were at?

mr. beaver sounds a lot like the hippie folks we have in the bay area. specifically in berkeley.