Thursday, July 28, 2011

sunny yellow summer treats

 when the sun is shining and summer is in full there anything better than yellow?

for the past 2 nights, my dessert has been my most favorite thing EVER. and for's not candy or baked goods.
it's peaches. JUST peaches.

with a little sprinkle of sugar. cuz at first it's crunchy, but then it melts into the peaches and makes a super sweet syrup that coats the fruit...and sometimes, there's enough syrup to drink at the end.

it's like the milk left over at the end of a bowl of cereal....but a bazillion times more awesome. that milk is like mud water compared to this.

being from the peach state itself...i'm totally a peach snob. i hardly ever get the teeny little fruits that show up in stores at the beginning of the season. they aren't good enough.

but when i can smell the sweet nectar coming from the giant mound of peaches chilling in the produce section?? IT. IS. ON.

did you know that peaches HAVE to have a certain number of cool nights during their growing season to be good? the dip in temps at night boosts sugar production, making them super sweet.

and you can tell a ripe peach by smelling where the stem would attach? it should smell like peaches.

in case you were extensive peach knowledge is NOT how i managed to snag a husband. he doesn't even like peaches. 

but if i needed to pick up a dude in an orchard? it would be ON.
also, totally finally spent my old navy groupon today (with 3 days to spare, thank you very much!) on this awesome gingham shirt. too bad it's 9 billion degrees here until october, or i'd rock it right now.

LOVE the yellow, love the rolled sleeves, can't wait to wear it with boots and skinnies in full ellie mae style this fall...with some funky accessories to counteract my complete transition to not-so-beverly hillbilly.

anyone else got some favorite yellow beauties lately?


Morgan said...

Yellow is my favorite color to wear! And I totally just spend the Old Nave Groupon as well. :)

bananas. said...

my life revolves around yellow beauties...BANANAS!!! duh.