Thursday, July 14, 2011

it's kinda awesome being the hated neighbor

here in the south, summer storms are no new thing. usually every few days, some big thunderstorm rolls through, dumping rain, rattling windows with loud booms, and then moving on in 20 minutes or so.

same thing happened yesterday...except with ONE minor difference.

that would be a giant tree from our backyard. in the street.
can you see the black spot on the transformer? that's when it blew, and made our house flash green, which was the CRAZIEST thing ever.
that? that would be the power line said tree snapped off the top of, when it snatched all the lines down into the street too.

that? that is our neighbor's power meter...RIPPED OFF HIS HOUSE. ooopsies!

the bright spot in this whole debacle?? we have a corner lot. so OUR power lines from the main line come from the back of the house. sooo.....our power was back on in about 90 minutes! everyone else on our block had to wait for them to take the broken pole down, put the new one up, and run the new you know, neighbor's busted up box.

oopsies =)

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