Tuesday, July 12, 2011

beating the heat with new bling

you see that?? the "feels like"?? that's HOT. even for this georgia girl....103? HOT.

so i've been keeping my pretty little red head indoors, enjoying the AC.

BUT just enjoying the AC gets boring...so of course, i've been doing a little crafting. i have a set of silver bangles i wore for my friend's indian wedding...but the plain bangles were turning from bright fake silver to tarnished fake silver.

so they're perfect candidates for a little jazz.

i took a rhinestone strand and pried off a section, and glued them to the bangle.

and yes, that's my crafting stash on the ottoman...i MAY have a problem buying beads and chains and embroidery thread.

after about 20 minutes of wrapping the bracelet tightly with embroidery thread, and glueing the ends down,

i now have these to little lovelies! they're really thin and delicate, which will make them awesome for throwing on with a ton of other bracelets and my new rose gold watch =)

i still have 2 to go, i'm thinking maybe a blue/green, and an orange? or maybe pink.

and i might be planning on buying some black rhinestones for a whole other look....

anyone done any fun DIY lately??

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