Tuesday, July 26, 2011

working my fingers to the bone

okay...maybe "working" isn't really the right word, since it's more like "passing the time chilling on my couch watching tv shows recorded on the dvr"....but working sounds better.

first up, 2/3 of my sister's birthday present! those honestly wtf girls are ALWAYS on their game, and getting me on MY game as a result. i whipped up the ubiquitous (SAT alert!!) hex nut bracelet, with some brown leather lacing, and just a few nuts for my daintier jewelry loving sis. we DEFINITELY differ in that respect ;)

i also used this tutorial for the wrapped bracelet...but the hobby lobby had no "waxed linen cord", so i busted into my trusty stash of embroidery thread. took AGES to wrap the dang thing...but she loved it. so that was good =)
got bored one afternoon last week and did this in about 20 minutes. sometimes...the beads speak to me. in a "i have to wait and figure out what to make with them" way....NOT in a "i've been sniffing too much glue and i've started to lose it" way.

i think it looks pretty antro-esque...and i LOVE it paired with navy or darker magenta.
and i partially conquered my nemesis the stretchy cord. that clear stuff is GREAT for making bracelets with no clasps...but OH MY GOSH if you have sweaty hands you will end up cursing those teeny filaments from here to kingdom come. and probably restring the same damn thing 15 times.

but eventually it will look good. and then your mom will try to steal it.

so you have to promise to make her one of her own so she won't.

is it wrong to plan my days around trips to the craft store, and blocking out time to make bracelets?? cuz that's TOTALLY happening at casa de hales.


Morgan said...

Love the bracelet with the hex nuts! So great!

AmandaDF said...

I love honestly WTF! There DIY's are sooooo cute! You did a great job on all your stuff-I'm jealous of your jewelry making skillz lol

Trina said...

I love your creations! And that green necklace + a navy top is so swoon-worthy! Nice job :)