Wednesday, February 2, 2011

down the internet rabbit hole

you ever have those items that you randomly buy on a whim? and then when you get them home and you think about want about a bazillion more?

i do this A LOT.

hence why my closet has about 25 tshirts in different colors, and the same sweater from target in about 18 different colors.

well, it happened again this weekend...when i bought this.

doesn't it look so retro and vintagey and gloriously chunky???'s from forever 21.

and as soon as it was in my greedy little hands (cuz the closest F21 is like....100 miles away. it's a tragic existence really), i started thinking about the ways to wear it. with a black tee and boots. with a white tank and jeans and my sperry's come summer.
i also got this deliciously sparkly old-school number....which would also go with a black shirt and boots, or a white tank and jeans. cuz i'm awesome like that.

and when i got home...i started looking up "chunky vintage bracelets" on ebay and etsy, cuz clearly i have a problem. i want lots of jewelry. all the time.

like how cute is this chunky gold chain?? i love it! and it makes me want lots of them, all piled on my arms.

i also intend to scour the thrift stores around here...but mostly, they're full of random stuff. not gorgeous vintage treasures. more like....outdated nascar flags. i envy those of you with beautimous thrift stores nearby.

anyone else loving chunky arm bling?


bananas. said...


i love gaudy gold and vintage anything...especially jewelry!

fab finds lady!!!

anna p of just me. said...

i yes, i'm always craving me some good sparklies (even if they aren't sparkly).
the ones you got are SUPER lovely and... i'm kind of jealous. maybe i should stop on over at f21 (mine is down the street and around the corner. huzzah.)

Kim H. said...

I have some items in my store that look similar to the bracelet and necklace you have here... I'd be happy to send you links to them - juts email me kbhawkins00 AT gmail DOT com