Friday, February 11, 2011

this is NOT one of those mushy valentine posts

let me preface this by saying that i love my husband very much. adore him in fact. wonder what i ever did without him.

and on valentine's day, i intend to shower him with affection.

but this friday before cupid's favorite holiday?? i have some things i need to get off my chest.
oh that handsome face, looking all distinguished smoking his cuban cigar in greece. you'd never know the torture he inflicts on his charming, adorable wife every day.

like the soda cans. sweet lord, the soda cans. it's not even the number of them...because in theory, we drink about the same amount, one for lunch/when he gets home from work, and one with dinner. except mine are drained to the bottom...and i swear to you, every other can i pick up to put in the recycling bin has some liquid in it. and every 3rd one? AT LEAST HALF FULL. sometimes 3/4 full. sometimes, i think he just looks hard at an open soda can...and then abandons it.


also, speaking of the cans...we have a small recycling bin in the house. and a big one next to the driveway where the cars are parked. so when he gets home from work, and needs to get rid of his empty energy drink can, or bottle of soda or would take like 7 steps to get around the front of the car and toss it in the bin. except he just chucks the thing over the roof of the car like he's on the freaking dukes of hazzard!!! and then...then his lovely irate wife picks them up out of the grass when she's tired of looking like a bar alley yard.

also, news flash hubs...when your boxers become's time for new ones. we've been together more than 4 years...and i KNOW i've seen some of them that entire time. let the dream die dude.

when we're on the couch, and i've got a thing with a spine and cover and pages called a book...i'm not just using it as a tool to test my eyesight. i'm reading it. so when you talk to me...don't get mad if i don't pay attention. because i'm already engaged. WITH THE BOOK. I'M READING.

alright...i think i'm better. for now.

anyone else have significant other vents to get off their chest?? let's get this party started...and NOT invite the boys =)


Summer {athena in the middle} said...

um. you made me laugh, darlin and please! do you really want me to get started!?

Mikaela said...

well, i just started dating a new guy, so he doesn't do anything YET that bothers me.

but my ex-boyfriend used to let the recycling pile up in his kitchen. it was sooooo annoying. they were all so neatly stacked, but STILL THERE forever.

bananas. said...'d hate me then. i rarely ever finish a soda can. half full is a common around these parts. oops.

i can list a bunch of shit that my sig other/roomie does but i don't want to be here all day. lol.

vinointhekitchen said...

This post literally made me laugh out loud. I hear you on the book thing. What is it about books and boys? It's like they can't see them in your hands!