Thursday, February 3, 2011

how i bought my own valentine's day present

a few weeks ago, i spotted this house of harlow necklace on the internets...and i HAD to have it.
it looks small here, but it's like 2 inches across, and the chain is 26 inches long.

so, this is the ONE thing i've told the hubs i want for valentine's know, we're trying to be good and spend about $100 or less each...and this was only $80 so i thought it was perfect!

until today.

when gilt group decided to have HoH on their site...and it wasn't any cheaper than anywhere else...EXCEPT i had credits at gilt. and apparently this necklace was one of "nicole's picks", so i also get a leather cuff bracelet with my order.

sidenote: can we talk about how much i LOVE nicole ritchie?! who knew when she was just paris hilton's weird friend on that one reality show that she'd end up so classy and wonderful and stylish, with her adorable babies and super awesome rocker hubs. plus, she had an elephant at her wedding. and that's pretty awesome too.

and so i ended up spending a total....of $30. and no shipping.

so i bought my own valentine's present.

except now i have to find something else for the hubs to get me...cuz he's not getting off that easy.


Salt said...

HoH is on there now? Or did I miss it? I LOVE her stuff and that necklace is great. What an awesome deal you got too!

KLaw said...

Damn! That is GORGEOUS!!

anna p of just me. said...

i LOVE nicole richie. she was always the reason i watched the simple life (which, guilty pleasure confession, i own all 5 seasons on that show!) and i love house of harlow. congrats out the wazoo on the wonderful necklace!!! now i want one.