Friday, February 25, 2011

confessions of a word junkie

if they made an episode of intervention for reading...i would be on it.

every 2 weeks, like clockwork...i hit up my local library. now that it's nice out...i can actually walk there from my house.

and every 2 weeks...i get anywhere between 4 and 7 books.

and i usually finish them all.

i DEVOUR books. i'm a fast reader...and i get lost in good stories. i always have. i think i spent a solid 1/4 of my time in elementary school in the library, because i'd go get books when i finished my work. and we were only allowed one book at a time. which meant i needed a new supply every few days.


anyhoo, this friday, i feel like i need to open your eyes to my newest drug of choice.

it's about a teenage girl, and the boy she loves...who also happens to be a werewolf.


because, unlike twilight and all its sequels...this book? actually good. yeah...i read twilight. i read all the books. in about a week.

but let's not mince words...the actual writing? TERRIBLE. and stephanie meyer is kind of a douche.

so back away from your robert pattinson cardboard cutout and hear me out.


world, meet shiver. we got acquainted on wednesday.

and by acquainted...i mean i read the whole thing in a day. and started book 2 yesterday.

THEY ARE AMAZING. read them now. if you love will love these books. the sentences, the feelings, the story...heck, even the cover and the text inside....GORGEOUS.

the only downside? i can guarantee i'll be done with book 2 by sunday, at the latest.


why universe?? why?!?

anyone else read these? love them? want to force stupid ms. meyer to read them and show her why teens and book lovers everywhere should not be forced to read drivel??


Hannah @ The New Black said...

I'm sold on it! Putting it on my list of to-reads now.

Tasha King said...

thanks for the tip !!

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

i did not read the twilight series. however, i trust that shiver and beyond will be much better to read. and this is why i love you. well, one of the reasons.

Sonya said...

Sounds interesting. Didn't care at all for Twilight, I only read it because I had to for a library class. The writing was just ick and I didn't care for it at all. In fact, after I read the first one I just googled to answer the only question I actually had about the rest of the book.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Stop it, I'm already running to the bookstore for that one. OMG!

bananas. said...

hey this is the book you were talking about, right? i might just have to check it out.

Jill said...

oh lawdy, you should've never posted this! now i'm going to have to track it down and lose my life for a week.

Stacy said...

Okay, I saw this in the library today (literally) and put it back. If only I had found your blog beforehand. I will have to go back this weekend and check it out.

PS - Have you read The Hunger Games yet? Because so good. One of the best YA triolgies I've ever read.