Thursday, February 17, 2011

as much as i love sweaters and boots

this weekend around casa de this girl...the highs are in the 70's.

which means...
i want to be here.

wearing this.
and these.

so...a trip to target for the shoes is totally in order right? cuz i've got the other 2 pieces already =)

and yes...i'll be wearing pants too.

also, anyone got an extra $250 burning a hole in their pocket?

cuz i NEED this for summer. or for right now. for always.

and p.s. mother much as i'm loving this little spring preview...if it means that summer will come in april, and by june the temps will be hovering around 152, with 110% humidity...i'll take a few more weeks of winter, groundhog be damned. k? k.


Salt said...

Ahhhh we are enjoying some gorgeous weather here too and I am wearing very similar shoes to that today. I wish I was wearing them outside and not stuck at my desk though.

Melissa said...

It's like that around here too and I'm real nervous it's gonna be a crazy hot summer!

Love those shoes!!