Wednesday, February 9, 2011

who's scared of something that lives by a tree?!

have you ever had something that you considered totally normal and innocuous...and then, BAM, it's all over the place and you just love love love it? like, can't get enough of it? want to make everyone you know love it too, so someone else shares the love?

yep...i've got one.

i guess technically i've gotten another one...since i'm pretty sure my crazy love for owls counts.

but this time? this time hollywood's got my back.

no lie, since i saw the poster in the theater right after christmas...i have been peeing my pants about gnomeo and juliet.

and i don't even REALLY know why!! maybe because the hubs has an irrational hatred for adorable gnomes, and therefore i feel like i need to counteract his ridiculous ideas. i mean, they're garden gnomes! they're so cute and adorable...and hello, don't you remember david the gnome? he rode a fox, and that. was. awesome.

the hubs MIGHT have gotten a UGA gnome ornament for christmas....from "santa". so now he'll be on the tree forrrreeeevvvverrrrrr.

i have been launching my campaign to get him to take me to the movie for like 6 mostly consists of me squealing when the preview comes on the tv, and hitting his leg repeatedly like a child so he watched.

real mature, i know.

so last night...i pulled out the big guns.

i made us gnomes.
oh hi there, i'm hayley, and my red dress and hat are totally rockstar.
oh boo, i'm nate, i've got a lot of self-hatred for such a cute little, my beard is white and my hair is not. BONUS.

just for comparison's sake, here is a pic of us the weekend of thanksgiving...i did pretty good with our gnome selves, right??

anyone else interested in a kid's movie about gnomes? and shakespeare??

and more importantly...any last-minute tips to talk the husband into this flick?


anna p of just me. said...

personally i think the movie looks pretty genius! i really want to see it. and i think gnomes rock. i loved david the gnome!

Callie said...

I can't wait to see it!

Salt said...

I hadn't even heard about this movie until right now, but I'm kind of iffy on it. How do you think a person with a fear of garden gnomes would take to it? Was it really gnomey? Or were they more like people?