Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's like a bling of the month club

i'll admit...i have an addiction.

to jewelry.

from the good stuff that comes with hefty pricetags and carat weights and blue boxes, to the stuff that costs me less than a grande latte at starbucks...i love it all.

so when i heard about this new site called jewelmint, i had to check it out. it's run by kate bosworth (you know, the chick with the different colored eyes from that surfing movie), and some friend of hers names cher. not THAT cher...and not "clueless" cher.

you fill out this survey, and then it shows you stuff you might like...if you decide to buy something, it's $29.99s, and shipping and returns are free if you change your mind.

if you hate everything, you just opt out in the first 5 days of the month, and wait for next month's designs to hit the site.

i gotta say...some of the stuff is ehhh, not really my style...but some of it? some of it i am OBSESSED with.
these marakesh earrings are my FAVES. they're what drew me to the site in the first place...i love the double stones, i love the sparkle...i think they'll look awesome with skinnies and a black tank this summer.
i never used to be a bracelet girl, but a friend rocks the arm candy like no other, and it's totally inspiring...i've been getting into bracelets more, and especially mixing them up, and stacking them up.'s a nice change from my standard earrings or necklace mix.

and i live for this vintagey one...if it looks like my grandma might have thrown it in a drawer 40 years ago, i need it. NOW.

now, you know i wouldn't just be hocking this stuff is there wasn't something in it for you.

TODAY ONLY, use the code FIRST60 if you're a new jewelmint member, and you'll get your first piece of jewelry 60% off. so instead of $30, which is a pretty good deal for the quality of the get it for $12.

so you can't NOT try it!

just go HERE and start by filling out the quiz to find your jewelry personality, and then you can add items to your showroom from the collection that you love!

and you've gotta show off what you buy ;)

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bananas. said...

i truly hope you got those earrings! they are so you and so FAB!!!

hey btw speaking of earrings...remember when you sent me the mayra earrings link. i just saw a mayra jumpsuit on shopbop. i like to think they're both named after me! haha!

have a wonderful wednesday!