Monday, February 7, 2011

was YOUR dog on the super bowl??

i'm trying to get over my grief this morning that football is really and truly over...and won't start back until september =(

i didn't really have a stake in last night's super bowl...but i was glad the packers one...cuz big ben is dirty. and a rapist. or a molester. and dirty.

i gotta say...i thought this year's commercials were pretty good...the little darth vader, the audi commercial with kenny g, the chrysler commercial with eminem (except he totally counteracted his "i'm sorta selling out, but still keeping my street cred" with that ridic claymation brisk iced tea commercial).

BUT i was also sorta disappointed, because they totally peaked early for me. like this commercial that aired in the first quarter...and i squealed like a little girl watching.

cuz...doesn't that little smooshed face look a little familiar?
it's like they got a time machine and took teeny little, just came to live with us as a puppy bojangles, and put him on the tv.

and if i had to wager a guess...i'd say he'd totally tackle someone for doritos. cuz he's like his mama that way =)

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bananas. said...

OMG bojangles was soooooo cute!!! i want a pug now!!!