Tuesday, January 4, 2011

so....i might have an infestation. OF ADORABLE!

hola in 2011 y'all!! can you believe it's 2011? this time a decade ago i was worrying my still-slightly-awkward-but-getting-prettier little head about graduating HIGH SCHOOL. that's bananas.

and seeing as how i have clearly now turned the corner and headed straight to grandma-dome, what with being 10 years out of high school and all (yes, i'm being facetious....i hit "old" about 25, and now i feel like it's going backwards and i feel way too young to be a "grown-up")...i have rediscovered my love for knick-knacks. tchotchkes. little things and items that will inevitably get all sorts of dust in my 50+ year old house....but still. love them

and i got more for christmas =)

you might remember this shiny guy....i made the hubs let me buy him at target last summer around graduation time...because he knew he'd never hear the end of it if he didn't come live with us. he's shiny. and so pretty. he keeps our loose change, and one day we'll buy something awesome with his insides (THAT sounds wayyyy more serial killer than i anticipated).
so the hubs got me this guy as one of my advent calendar gifts! isn't he adorable?? he's from urban outfitters...and they have more colors, a pretty yellow, and another listing with red and grey and turquoise (don't tell hubs, but i so want ALL of them. what's the best way to convince someone you're in desperate need of about 6 owl banks?? thoughts?) he looks so way cute sitting on the mantle to the left of the ONE wedding picture we currently have displayed.
and then my sis got me this! it's apparently supposed to be a christmas ornament...but it's like the size of a baseball at least, and weighs the same...so i can only imagine it would bring down our fake tree like the freaking hindenberg. sooooo....he lives on the mantle too. they all do. a little owl coven, or whatever the heck the word for a group of owls is...an owling? like a gaggle of geese? maybe owlgle?

clearly...i have no clue.

but i do have not one, not 2, but THREE PAIRS of owl patterned flannel pj's. cuz i rule.


KLaw said...

I do heart me some owls too! Loves!

Blissfully Enamored said...

the owls are super cute!! i have seen so many fun ones in the last few months! i am LOVING the owls and peacocks too!!

KatherineBee said...

Love them - and I have the same bank!

Nikosmommy said...

I'm totally loving owls too lately...I scooped up the one from Urban Outfitters the other day


Pam said...

too cute! My BFF is obsessed with owls... way back even before they were super cool. :)