Thursday, December 30, 2010

raise your hand if you haven't been to shipping school

i think, for most of us...we have, at some point in our lives mailed a package.

probably taking lots of care to make sure it gets to its destination intact, and in tip-top shape.

APPARENTLY some people are not like that.

like the lady my hubs bought my most-wanted christmas present from.

yes, out of all the things in all the world, the think i wanted most with all my sparkly pink, 27 year the babycakes. it makes 8 mini cupcakes in 5-8 minutes. and i am OBSESSED.

so when it arrived the week before christmas, i was ecstatic...but also a little annoyed at the lady who mailed it for SLAPPING A SHIPPING LABEL ON THE MANUFACTURER'S BOX AND SENDING IT ON IT'S MERRY WAY.

um....those boxes are not really made for mass transit. they're GLUED together lady. not obsessively packing taped like i send my mail, to make sure nothing happens to it. plus...they make large flat-rate shipping boxes. you can get for FREE. and i'm pretty sure getting that sent to me house would cost less than the $12.60 you paid to ship THE MACHINE IN THE BOX IT CAME IN.

so strike 1 for lady...i found out about hubs' surprise present (he pulled the whole "oh, it's sold out everywhere, i can't find one" nonsense to make me think i wasn't getting one).

strike 2 comes when i giddily open my new toy christmas morning...and see the handle has a big fat CRACK in it. as in not perfect out of the box. as in marred before i even have a chance to drop it and mess it up myself. cuz that i'm okay with. my dents and dings will give it character. YOURS are uncalled for.

hmmm...i wonder why it cracked shipping from oregon. PROBABLY BECAUSE THE BOX WASN'T MADE FOR MAILING.

ugh...i'm still so mad at her!

luckily...we found one online from bed, bath and beyond...and YES, i fully intend to return the cracked one to the store for that money back. this girl has NO. SHAME.


Summer {Bisfor...} said...


1. i love you more now that you got a babycakes.

2. people make fun of me for packing my stuff up with too much bubble and too much tape.

OH WELL! Nothing breaks!

bananas. said...

oh hell to the no!!! that ish would have me going postal (no pun intended). what a dumb ass bitch! sorry i get really urked by stupid people. get your mini cupcake on and then return it for your money back girrrrl!

Wendy said...

I am sorry you had your surprise ruined...There is no excuse for shipping something in the manufacturers box. None whatsoever!