Wednesday, January 12, 2011

baby it's cold outside

it's finally all melted...but i'm still a little in shock that we got snow in georgia...IN JANUARY!!

this is actually the 3rd time it's snowed down here since the beginning of december, including christmas day which is just 14 kinds of crazy.

and since it's practically a tradition now...i figured i'd show off the snowy portraits the hubs and i have taken over the years.

the first time we went on a snow adventure together, when he was only my boyfriend =) it didn't snow much where we live....but about 30 miles away on the mountain, it totally did. so i stalked the weather channel's website like a crazy person, and we headed out when it started coming down!
then the first winter in our house, it snowed the day AFTER it was warm and there were tornadoes.

craziest weather weekend EVER.

and yes..i have NO makeup on. not hot. but so happy about snow i didn't even care.
and the hubs and i mugging for the camera on monday...for the record, i was meeting my ladies for lunch, i did NOT get all dolled up for a front-yard photo shoot.

anyone else love snowy pictures with your love? and does anyone else have a fella who is WAYYYY better at the self-portrait than they are? i am incapable of taking a decent photo of myself and someone else.


Anonymous said...

I can't get my guy out into the snow for a picture. He is a bit of a wuss when it comes to the cold {although you didn't hear that from me. I'll totally deny it.} and practically barricades himself inside when the snow starts a fallin'.

You look GREAT in jewel tones! I am so jealous of your deep red hair. Mine has a tad more of an orange-y look that clashes with those colors. Lucky you!!

Bekkah said...

I am jealous that you are no longer snowed in! I've been stuck in the house since Sunday night because of snow and ice. :( My hubby can't take a self picture to save his life, and forget getting me in the pic. I'm a full foot shorter than him and I always need to take the picture if both of us plan to have our faces in the frame. He does love playing in the snow though. Between him and the dog I don't know who has more fun!

bananas. said...

do you ever age? you look the same in every shot. kinda jealous ovah here.

love the snow...just happy i don't live in it.