Wednesday, January 5, 2011

go get you some free stuff

it is a proven fact...i'm a nail polish junkie. for reals...i got a whole drawer i'll give you a tour of...if i wasn't writing this with wet nails and sleeping hubs, i'd go take a pic right now. but i have just trust it's like dozens and dozens and DOZENS of colors.

so, free polish. HELLZ TO THE YEAH.

i actually have 2 zoya polishes i got from ulta on sale...but they were NOT free. and these are.

so go to and pick out three. and use the code above before the 7th and pay $7 shipping and get some free polish for yourself.

when mine come in, i'll show off the colors...cuz i'm all about the pre-planned blog ;)


bananas. said...

you mean it doesn't come with free shipping?! WTHeeezzzz man!!! ;)

very cool. i will have to hit this place up for some freebies.

Hannah @ The New Black said...

Thanks for the heads up! I just clicked over and got Liz, Sam and Dea. I've never tried Zoya polish before, but I can't turn down a good deal so I had to give them a try.

DanaElayne said...

Thanks! I got my three. I got Kelly, Loredana, and Dana (for obvious reasons!).

I'm excited!

Jennifer said...

They had me at free polish too!
I'm super excited to try them since I've heard good things