Thursday, January 27, 2011

she makes feel dumb...but damn if she isn't catchy

it's no secret...i love stupid music. i also love really good, really well written, really amazing music.

but if a song has ridiculous lyrics that are the least bit catchy...i love the song. even when i hate myself for loving it.

and lately...the biggest offender in my life is one miss dollar sign.

also known as kesha. or ke$ha. or whatever.

she actually makes me feel stupid when i listen to her songs. and continues.

i mean, with lyrical gems like "We’re sellin’ our clothes, sleepin’ in cars
Dressin’ it down, hittin’ on dudes (HARD!)"...i was bound to love her music.

i mean, she doesn't even really sing..she just talks. to a beat.

AND i'm pretty sure she's got at least 3 STDs. at least.

and probably a glitter infection.

and WHY does she wear that stupid feather in her hair?!?

ugh, i hate her, i really do. even with my love for her "music"...i hate her.

so, when i saw this video...i HAD to share.

i'm 99% sure this is how she ACTUALLY gets ready in the morning. it's not really safe for work, cuz there's some potty mouthage (like we'd expect any less from a girl who looks like she actually lives IN the potty)...but it's pretty funny.

even for dollar sign.


Laura said...

oh i can't stand her. blue lipstick is not a good look for anyone! I especially hate it when a new song comes on the radio and I secretly love it, find out it's her, and vow to hate it forever! ha!

Salt said...

I despise her music and she looks as if she would be sticky if you touched her, but for some reason her songs always get stuck in my head for like a week at a time.

I bet they play her CD on a loop in hell.

Mrs. Prepperoni said...

"She looks as if she would be sticky if you touched her."
LOLOLOL. Awesome.

Mrs. ummmmmm......Brownell said...

I feel the SAME way about her. I justify it this way: I hate her as a person, but love to dance to her music.

bananas. said...

i liked her first song.

that's all.

i couldn't even get through this video. what does that say? lol.