Monday, January 10, 2011

the tale of 2 bags

i will be the first to admit...i am NOT a bag girl. not really. shoes? abso-freaking-lutely. but that's just it....SHOES are my thing. my splurge. my love.

i don't get all hopped up on jeans, and i have about 57 times more costume jewelry than the "good" stuff...and bags are no different. right now....i'm carrying a blue hobo-esque bag i got from new york and company for less than $30. and i dig it. buuuttttt.....i've also had it since like april. or march.

and i want a change.

while out shopping last week, i spotted this green beauty in a boutique here in town. and of COURSE, i mentally jotted the brand and style down, to do a little internet research. and i can get it for about $60. which is more than i've spent on the last few bags....BUT the color is gorgeous.

see, i'm an anti black or brown bag girl. cuz if i have a black bag, and i wear brown...i feel weird. same goes for the opposite. but a colored bag negates that....i had bright yellow a few years back, then a big dark pink, then brighter green, then get the picture.


and while i do love this big buddha heart REALLY belongs to another.

bag lust, thy name is hillier.

for serious...i LIVE AND BREATHE for this bag. the shape is gorgeous...and i love the hang-down longer strap...and i've had my eye on this particular style of marc by marc jacobs bag....BUT most of the colors i've seen are neutrals. or this one odd purple-brown color.

but this....this sage, minty green is PERFECTION. i am obsessed. i want to snuggle it and give it a nickname and hire someone to follow me around the mall and hold it when i pee so it's pretty little bottom never sits on a nasty public restroom floor.

BUT this beauty is also almost 7 times more expensive than the BB bag. $398 versus $60 is quite the jump.

and i am SOOOOOO torn what to do. get the big buddha, and use it until i get the hillier?

just get the hillier with half christmas money and half my money?

be responsible and wait until we've got more moolah in the bank??

what would you do with an unquenchable case of bag lust?


Callie said...

I vote for the BB. That is an awesome purse and would love it if you could share the link where you can purchase it. I think the other purse is way too expensive, and personally, I don't like the color as much. The BB could go with anything, while the other one would have to be used with certain outfits. Good luck!!

Callie said...

Found it! Ooo-la-la!!

And I guess I should have left my blog too...

anna p of just me. said...

while the marc jacobs bag is TO DIE FOR, i'd get the bb and PRETEND its the marc jacobs. carry it like its the marc jacobs. love it, like its the marc jacobs.
then, when you have a little more money, you can reserve bb for other occasions and make everyone jealous with the actual marc on your arm.

that's what i'd do.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I adore the 2nd bag... but the $60 one is adorable also. And definitely a lot less scary...

KatherineBee said...

I love the 2nd bag - it's very spring-y!