Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blinging out the hubs' wrists

you know what's awesome?? when you've been bragging since before christmas that you already have your husband's valentine's present picked out....and then amazon sells out of it. and you're not ABOUT to spend $120 on something that was originally $35.

sooooo...i've been browsing other options. and i MAY buy the dude some cufflinks. but not lame, black and silver, i got these with my $6 tie at walmart cufflinks....really awesome ones.
these little guys were part of the husband's wedding gift. they're sterling silver linux tux cufflinks. cuz we met because of my BFF sarah, and a linux malfunction. so it HAD to be done.

and since the guy has a VERY big work trip coming up at the end of february, i thought i might get him another pair of awesome ones.
i LOVE these little robots!! we have a running joke about robots, going wayyy back, so these would be adorable. plus...his valentine's card has a robot on it. so these would be adorable.
BUT the pac-man and ghost are also super freaking awesome. cuz's a pac-man and a ghost!! and i was gonna get him this book called 1001 video games you must play before you die, so these would be super adorable with that. and if i can find the atari flashback console he wants...well, this would basically be the best valentine's day present ever.

(sidenote: i do have one other present i'm getting him, and i LOOOOVE it, it's the funniest thing ever....but it needs it's own blog post. so you'll have to wait about that).

all of these awesome cufflinks are from dedalo's etsy shop....but i can't decide which to get!! which do you think the mr. should rock on his wrists?


Hannah @ The New Black said...

Those robot ones are great!

My guy almost only wears french cuffs, so he gets cuff links from me every Christmas, Valentine's, BD, you get the drift. I never get him goofy/fun ones though, but I think I may have to shake it up for V-Day this year.

bananas. said...

please get the robot ones! they're all kinds of awesome!!!