Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what to wear, what to wear

you know those friends you have, who are SO close to you...but not physically close to you? the ones you email constantly, and always text and facebook...but don't actually get to hang with?

i'm spending my weekend with 2 of mine.

and i'm WAYYYY excited.
i bought this dress from old navy for a whopping $15...and i LOVE it because i can wear it under things right now...and all on its own come spring/summer.

but the under part is what's got my stumped currently. we're planning on going to a nice restaurant saturday night, then out for drinks and dancing and whatnot. so i need your help figuring out what to top the dress with =)

disclaimer: yes, i have the dirtiest bathroom mirror of all time. the hubs usually cleans i forget to. and i wasn't about to do it for these pictures...cuz i'm lazy. makeup on. so don't look at the smidgens of my face are showing.

oh, and i realize my boobs are little out there...i intend to fix that before the weekend. hopefully.

first up, there's the grey motorcycle jacket with the ruffle at the neck and sleeves. i don't LOVE this with it...but i don't hate it either.

then there's the cream motorcycle jacket, that i do kinda love with it....BUT i'm not sure what shoes to wear. and if it looks cute enough for what i want.

black cropped motorcycle jacket, which would be super cute with sky-high black pumps, or my shorter black booties....BUT is it nice enough for a nice restaurant?

AND the grey blazer, which would also be cute with sky-high heels, and some "tougher" jewelry to keep it from going tooooo preppy. but is it hot enough for a night out?

which would you wear? which should i wear? any other suggestions for what to top the dress with so my poor arms don't fall off my body in the cold?


Pam said...

How do you have so many motorcycle jackets?! :) I like the grey one and the white ish one. :) And maybe tights. It's cold out there honey!

Amber said...

I like the blazer look. It creates a long line that helps you make taller and more lean. I'd rock it with some fun accessories and a cute heel. If it's cold-wear tights!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i like the last two jackets and the dress is great on you. boobs are hot! let em hang out.

AmandaDF said...

I like the cream motorcycle jacket. I agree on the tights-it's pretty cold out there! But maybe with with some grey pumps? That might look cute :-)

Sonya said...

I like the 1st one and the last one with it. I wonder how it would look with skinny jeans? I think leggings would work. Just be careful because I tried on the same dress and it was static city! I never could decided if I really liked it or not! But $15 is a good deal!