Thursday, January 13, 2011

it's a glorious combo

so...i love showtunes. a lot. i was a theater geek in high school, so musicals hold a special place in my heart.

you know what else does? awesome rap. and early 90's hip-hop. the fact that my beloved husband said "who?" when i mentioned last week that police reopened the investigation into one christopher wallace's murder, and that sug knight was probably involved STILL makes my soul hurt. he knows so little about certain things i love.

so this video? this video is the highlight of my life. at least for today.

and don't blare it too loud at the office...there's a very moments of "colorful language", but that makes it more awesome.

also an amazing combo?? glee and NAIL POLISH!!!

apparently this collection is launching in february...i fully intend to get the mini set, but they have full size bottles too.


Anonymous said...

Glee nail polish!?! Oh, this is just too good!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

glee nail polish!? do you have a sephora near you? i can get you some!