Friday, April 1, 2011

my weekend's so bright i gotta wear shades

maybe it's the warmer weather, maybe it's that i'm FINALLY getting tired of the dark clothes i spent all winter rocking (black turtleneck and brown boots? LIVE. FOR.)...but i feel like i am in a major bright mood....i wanna wear bright clothes, bright jewelry, bright fingers, bright toes. LOVE.
my fingers? zoya kieko. totally obsessed, love this purple.
don't even get me started on my neverending love for these e.l.f beauty encyclopedias. i have 4 eyeshadow sets and a lip when i saw this bright beauty at target this week, for a solid investment of $ had to be mine. REALLY want to rock that bright purple on my lids with some major mascara and a little nude lip gloss.

hautelook credits, thanks a bunches for bringing me this beauty for the doubled up stones, and i have the PERFECT earrings to wear with it.
aaaand speaking of bright, this picture does not do this bracelet justice...but my camera has apparently decided it needs a personal day or some better watch out, it'll get sent to rehab faster than little miss lohan can beat up a counselor.

it's all blue and aqua and teal, plus peach and bright orange and coral. OBSESSED.

what other bright color combos should i be digging? i'm already hoping i can find some neon embroidery thread to make a neon/khaki one. maybe orange and purple? yellow and something?

anyone else feeling a little brighter to start of april?


Summer {athena in the middle} said...


Susan said...

Just blogging around this afternoon and found your blog. I love that color purple. You have made a really nice page here. Thanks for letting me visit.

If you are an animal lover, for a fun read and fun pictures

Amber said...

Love the polish color! I just took off my purple and replaced it with a sky blue. I figured I should honor the 70's weather we're having this week with a little ode to the sky :)

The bracelet is faboosh! LOVE it! When I was active duty we had bracelets similar to that made of green rope to use if/when our life depended on it. Braided the same way, but now I have several in all kinds of colors!

bananas. said...

i want that eyeshadow kit!!! i want it NOW!!! bahhh!!!

and your polish...GORG! which is obviously fitting :)