Friday, April 8, 2011

in case you are NOT in the know...the lovely kristen has a BRILLIANT idea she likes to call...
and i think it's high time i participated.

*roses to spending sunday here,
at amen corner at augusta national. final round of the masters NEVER gets old...AND i've already got my outfit picked out.

*roses to my new mini spin pins, for keeping my super fine hair in a messy bun like i cannot make work alone.

*roses to my new dress from target,
AND the fact that it is long enough to keep the fellas from offering me cash on a corner, even though it's from the juniors section. cuz sometimes...being long-legged is NOT fun. like when skirts make me afraid my lady parts will show.

*thorns to having a friend continue to act shady, and now start being passive-aggressive about it. NOT. COOL.

*thorns to how expensive my high school reunion is gonna end up being...pre-buying drink tickets? i managed beer and wine at my own wedding...but apparently, that's quite a stretch for a group of 28 year olds!!

*thorns to also realizing while the bathroom is now means we have to start spending more moolah to get it back working. money tree for me please?

anyone else playing along with ms. lawlor?

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Summer {athena in the middle} said...

did i ever tell you that you have such a nice body!? i probably have not bc that makes me sound creeptastic. okay?