Tuesday, April 5, 2011

getting my bob vila on

i am NOT a fan of manual labor.

i don't like sweating, i don't like hauling things.

what i do like?

FINALLY having alllllll of the tile and concrete and drywall and awfulness from our downstairs bathroom GONE.

all that peach nastiness, plus the INCHES of concrete and thinset and glue and wire and RAZORBLADES is gone. GONE.

and how did it get out of there? the hubs did most of it...and he chucked it all out that window.

so we had a pile of crap underneath a bush in front of our house for months. i called it our booby trap.

and now?

it has ALLLLLL been deposited in this dumpster we rented, and hauled away.

we spent SEVEN HOURS saturday hauling everything into this bad boy, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow.

oh yeah, there were bunches of bricks too, from when we had to have our chimney removed.

i'll be excited to get working on making the bathroom pretty again.

but this weekend...we're resting.


KLaw said...

bathroom makeovers are a hot mess, but it makes a world of difference

bananas. said...

i LOATHE manual labor...that's what the mexicans at home depot are for! and yes i can say that...seeing how they are my "cousins" and i support "local business." haha.


don't worry. all the sweat, tears and tourettes syndrome outbursts will pay off when your bathroom is new and approved. just you watch!