Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i get dessert ADD

if there's one thing my husband ENDLESSLY makes fun of me's my snack food/dessert ADD. we have 3/4 eaten bags of chips, half eaten ice cream containers, 18 month old name it, we've got it.

and it's totally all my fault.

i realize it's my's like something looks SOOO yummy in the store, and i take it home...and i love it for awhile. and then i get bored. and then i forget about treat #1, in lieu of brand-spankin-new treat #2.

wash, rinse, repeat. ALL the time.

so when i fixed myself a snack last night, and realized that this

was almost completely gone, i was a little sad, cuz it's yummy.

(for's like mint chocolate chip ice cream and cookies and cream ice cream had a delicious chilly love child. and i have a weekly date with said love-child.)

and a little excited to eat the rest soon and show the hubs the empty carton all full of smug-ness!

1 comment:

bananas. said...

oh man i could tear that ice cream up!

i don't do mint & chip...but mint and cookies = NOM!!!