Thursday, April 14, 2011

does it count as spending if it's DIY?

ahh the joys of being a one income house. the non-earning party (that would be yours truly) feels REALLY guilty when she wants to shop...but the main pc needs a new hard drive, and  her beloved hubs needs a new clutch for his car (cuz it makes super scary screechy noises, and while the 6 figures i'd get from the life insurance might SEEM nice...i'd rather have the hubs. plus, dating again sounds AWFUL).

mkay, off the tangent train.

i've found that a lot of times....a trip to the craft store for supplies satisfies my shopping urge, and also means i get fun new accessories on the cheap.

and thus comes my newest possible obsession.
this rope necklace tutorial from honestly wtf.

it's definitely funky, it's definitely customizable to some fun-ness...AND it means a trip to the home depot, so the hubs would be totally down with that.

the good news: i'm pretty sure i can follow the instructions.

cuz i've already rocked out the woven chain bracelet (two in fact....with the thread for several more, just gotta settle up the color combos...mostly neons and bright colors right now!), and the braided hex nut bracelet (again, already have a couple...twine, and some neon ones with silver nuts. do we see a theme??)

the bad news: i'm a little intimidated by it's outrageousness.

would you actually wear this? or would you silently mock the redhead you see at target wearing this when you see her out and about?

should i go for it?


Claire Kiefer said...

My problem is that I spend $50 every time I go to Michaels--it's totally ridiculous!

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

Random: did you know there is a blog called stealsdealsandheels that has been around as long as yours? What are the chances?! Now, if you have two blogs, I'm going to feel like a jackass.