Monday, April 25, 2011

feeling ahead of the game...sort of.

can you believe easter is over?! here at casa de dukes...we had a GREAT day at my grandmother's house, hanging out in the yard, dyeing eggs, eating hot dogs, shooting a pistol, and taking a trek through the woods to find my sister's dog. luckily...she's back and safe and sound (the dog, not my sis...but she's fine too!).

and now begins what i like to call the holiday marathon.

easter is over.
dad's birthday is the beginning of may.
then mother's day.
the hubs' birthday.
then a friend's birthday.
then father's day.
then ANOTHER friend's birthday.
then mom's birthday.
then my birthday!!!!
then the last friend's birthday.

then it's august. yes kids...IT'S A MARATHON!!!!

so, getting a jump on my shopping is TRES important!!

as of right now....i have THREE gifts in my possession!!

first up is a tee shirt for my dad, the harley-loving dude named bob.

it's black, with a motorcycle on it, and a logo that says "bob's custom cycles". AMAZING.
mama is getting this for mother's day...super awesome puzzle of the home of my (and her) beloved georgia bulldogs. yes, mama loves puzzles...i'm not getting her a puzzle as some rando present!

then mama will be getting her gleek on for her birthday, with this precious jewel i scored for $20 at target last week!! so so excited about her getting this =)

the bad news? still nothing for the hubs....BUT i have plans to get him a couple small things soon, and he has to pick out the surround sound system he wants before i can buy his big present!

as for me?
these will suffice.


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Claire Kiefer said...

May is a crazy birthday month in my family, too--my mom, grandma, and dad within four days of each other! Gotta hop to on the shopping . . . haven't even thought about it yet (and my mama is turning 50 so it's a big one!).