Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i'm on the train...and my next stop is weeks away!

we all know...i love to save money.
hence why the library is one of my most favorite places....i read like a fiend, and we'd be living in a fort made of books on the street corner if we bought every one i read.

or, i'd have to try and find like-minded readers at the grocery store and the water works and whatnot to barter goods and services for the last novel i'd flown through.

and somehow...that seems unlikely.

which means i've got a serious decision to make.

i put myself on the library request for the hunger games on MARCH 6TH. i got it last thursday.

i read it between 5pm yesterday, and 1:30 this afternoon.

IT WAS AMAZING. like, pee your pants, want to be as awesome as katniss AMAZING.

and now? now i'm number FIVE on the request list for the second book, catching fire. and i may actually go crazy between now and then, waiting for slow-ass, totally ignorant teeny boppers hogging up my book and making me wait!

sooooo....there might be a book purchase (or 2, since i'll clearly need to get mockingjay also) in my future.

anyone else LOVE this book?? cuz none of my friends are readers...and i need to talk about the awesome!


Miss Sweet Tea said...

loved this series! the best is definitely the first one, but the other two are good as well. if you had a nook, i'd lend them to you!

bananas. said...

please. you don't need to ask. i flew through this series and now spend my days stalking hunger games the movie's facebook page.

buy the books. you won't regret it. amazon will save you some pennies.

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

If I had it, I would totally let you borrow it, but I borrowed it from a friend. You could always sit at the bookstore and read it! ;) lol

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Love love love loved them!!! SO OBSESSED!

Kristen said...

I ended up really liking them a lot more than I thought I would. Definitely go out and buy them if you love them so!

anna p of just me. said...

oh yes. i loved the series as well. they are worth the buy. believe me. and i'm sure you could find them pretty cheap at target or wal mart because i'm pretty sure they're all out on paperback now.
i'm so glad you like them because, obviously, they're awesome!!

Sonya said...

LOVED this series! Luckily I started it when the last one came out so I never had to wait for the next one! I read them one right after the other on my Nook!

Gracie said...

happy to put mine in the mail to you! they are all so great!!!

Polly said...

I've yet to read this series but have all of them on hold at the library. After reading the comments here...I may need to buy them and save myself the wait time. I need to work on being patient. Not today though! LOL
Also...I see some folks have a nook and I'm trying to decide between a Kindle and a Nook. What are your thoughts?

Mrs. Smith said...

Its definitely a buy book!!! You'll want to re-read them when the movie comes out, so take the plunge and add them to your bookshelf!