Wednesday, December 1, 2010

what i wanna be when i grow up

if i could pick one thing to magically be for a day, a super special wish....
it's this.

a victoria's secret angel, mostly just for the annual fashion show.
i've totally got a legit list of reasons why i could do it right now, minus the whole probably needing to lost 50 pounds to not scare anyone prancing around in my underpants.

1. i'm totally already taller than heidi, who according to wikipedia, is 5'9". i'm 5'10"!!
2. everyone already talks about the way i walk....they joke i always look like i'm on a runway. i think it's the long legs thing...i can't take little steps!!
3. i love sparkly things. and the runway this year was gold glitter!
4. pouty lips? GOT IT.
5. i can wear tall shoes. i'm actually MUCH more graceful in heels than in flats or barefooted.
6. they don't have a redheaded angel. and yes...technically it's fake...but STILL.

anyone else wanna join my angel dream??


anna p of just me. said...

yep. i do. of course. i'll be the second red headed angel. :)

so, i've always wanted heidi klum's body. she is so beautiful. thin but curvy in all the right places? yep. i wanna look like that. please and thank you.

bananas. said...

only if i don't have a hideous man deep accent like the ones some of those models have.

but it would be nice to have long legs...sigh.

Savoir Affaire said...

Couldn't agree more...

Laura said...

ummm.... yes please. I'm right up there with you (ringing in at 5'9) and I a pushup bra would do wonders for the girls.

I heard that they put like 40 layers of MAKEUP on thier butts. So I think my tush would look just as fab as Heidi's under 40 layers of makeup! sign me up!

Ellie said...

You could totally rock that angel gig - go for it!!!

Islandia Lane said...

oooh I love the VS Holiday show! and yes, they always look like they have the best time!

I'm 5'7" but with heels I'm always taller! Can I be the shortie of the group? ;-)