Friday, December 17, 2010

i like julia and all...but i don't wanna be her.

it's tough being a tall girl sometimes. trust me...i feel for you short girls. you gotta hit up the tailor for pants, and sometimes dresses and skirts are too long to look cute. BUT, sometimes ya'll get to shop in the kid's section, and that seems pretty sweet. my friend wears like a 5 shoe, and she buys the cutest flats in the girl's section at target. SO jealous.

but shorter sexy ladies have stuff to take OFF your can get things shortened. we leggy ladies....NOT so much. unless i added lace trim to everything, and let's be honest....that look went out awhile ago.

anyhoo, i HATE trying to find pants that are long enough, and boots that are tall enough.

see, i've been wanting to rock this look for awhile now. i mean, how freaking fierce does kate look in those boots?? BUT i didn't want to spend a ton of money, seeing as how i'm not sure how long this look will be stylist...AND since i don't have a job, i feel kinda bad spending the hubs' paycheck on some hot boots (even though i'm sure a little wardrobe alteration could make him change his mind...hehe).

so.....imagine my surprise at my target find today =)
ooooh, so prettttttyyyyyy. AND they actually go OVER. MY. KNEE. it's like a freaking miracle. for a girl who LOATHES jean shopping, because not only do i need my butt to look great, and my waist to NOT be muffiny...i gotta find them long enough. cuz it does NOT rain here enough for highwaters.

they're black faux suede, and a reallllllly small little heel in the back. and....they were $35.

but the risk of over-the-knee boots??

that's right....looking like a hooker. granted, i keep my holey leotard thing saved for special occasions....but STILL. i wanna look like a million bucks...NOT like i go for $5000 for a weekend.

i need to try these bad boys on with some jeans and such (and maybe, ::gasp:: jump on the jeggings train....we shall see), and i'm DYING for some of your favorite OTK outfits.

and if you hate can tell me that too =) happy friday!!

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bananas. said...

i'm sure i will love them! i joined the OTK boot club last year with as much hesitation. now i'm on a mission for leather ones (my other ones are suede). watch out!

post pics when you have them on. k? thx.