Friday, December 10, 2010

i feel so boring!

it has been COLD around these southern parts lately (yes...that's what she said), and i have been feeling TRES uninspired. sure, i could wax poetic about my love for all things flannel pajamas (right now, rocking yellow ones with umbrellas from a few years back), but even that seems lame.

and while i am chock full o' the christmas spirit...i'm also kinda annoyed i have no events to go to, so i have no reason for fancy new clothes. and let me tell you...stores are FULL of pretties right now.

i MIGHT have purchased some boots from target last week....but still.

okay, i also bought 2 sequin tanks from old navy and some lotion from bath and body works. BUT WHO'S COUNTING.

and i swear...the little drummer boy is stalking me. I HATE THAT SONG. and everywhere i's playing. GAH. dumb boy and his dumb drum....i wanna punch him.

also, i totally almost punched a waitress wednesday night who gave my friends and i HORRID service, basically ignored all of her tables, disappeared for 20 minutes at a time...and then had the audacity to apologize to us and BLAME THE HOSTESS FOR GIVING HER TOO MANY TABLES. uh, no hooker...this girl has BEEN a waitress, and you still do your job. and you never blame other people to the customers.

that's why you didn't get a tip.

enough randomness for a friday morning? want some more?


bananas. said...

i was just saying the same thing about that drummer boy song. it's the WORST! ugh! but don't worry you're not boring...everyone else is for not throwing parties to invite you too.

MrsSouthernBelle said...

I feel your pain. I have nothing to blog about right now. Hopefully next week will bring some excitement!!