Monday, December 13, 2010

a sled is not as awesome as a hot tub

hi, my name is hayley, and i JUST joined netflix. i know, crazy. i feel like everyone on the planet gets movies in little red envelopes except me....well now i do, but you know what i mean.

so this weekend, for our second choice of home-delivered movies...we choose a klassic. you know...those movies that are classic for their general ridiculousness. like the hangover. or any movie will ferrell has ever been in EVER.

and everyone knows a cold saturday night means...


now i had VERY low expectations of this flick....i KNEW we were not in for citizen kane.

sidenote:: how come everyone compares great films, or crappy ones, to citizen kane?? have you SEEN citizen kane?? it is a grade-a snorefest. also, it has the worst movie twist OF ALL TIME.

spoiler alert....rosebud is a sled. A FREAKING SLED. this is not a "bruce willis is really dead" kind of plot twist. that ish was amazing. CK SUCKS. usual with low expectations, comes great surprises.


i literally laughed out loud the whole movie. yes, it's crude...and yes, there's LOTS of adult language. but for's funny funny stuff. and it doesn't take itself too's a movie about a hot tub time machine for crying out loud.

plus, i think craig robinson is HYSTERICAL. or at least...i think the guy he plays on the office is hysterical, and this guy is real similar.

and let's face it....i got nothing but love for john cusak.

anyone else witnessed the awesomeness of HTTM? any netflix movie suggestions?


Salt said...

I haven't seen this yet simply because, like you, my expectations were so low that it wasn't even on my radar. Now it sounds like I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and watch it. I trust your judgement. :)

anna p of just me. said...

i still haven't joined netflix... but i've made the concious effort to do the free trial! ha.
i'm glad you're on the banwagon now. hopefully i will be soon!

happy movie renting.

KatherineBee said...

I am so glad you said something about this, because I've had it on DVD for a while and just haven't found the time to watch it. Love John Cusack and stupid comedies - definitely need to pop it in!

Amber said...

I loved this movie!

I do have to say though, you can't just watch this movie, you have to be in the crude/no expectations movie kind of mood LOL

bananas. said...

i like john cusack too. ever since the 80's...sigh.

but hot tub i did not like. sorry. i watched and was super disappointed. i think the boy had a lot to do with it. he hyped it up like no other.

MrsSouthernBelle said...

THIS is why we are friends! Somehow httm crept to the top of our netflix and I dreaded watching it. Surprisingly hilarious! I love Darryl too!