Wednesday, December 22, 2010

things you should know if we're gonna be BFF

the gorgeous ashley over at little miss momma had a great idea this week....a list of things YOU need to know before we can be bloggy bff's.

so here goes mine...and if these are dealbreakers, i get it.

i LOATHE bell peppers. i think they're naaaaasty, and anything they're in tastes like them...and that's nasty too.

eels totally scare me, and no, it's NOT because of the little mermaid.

only when i realllllly like you, will i start wearing shorter shoes when we hang out so i don't tower over you.

i'm loud. REAL LOUD. and i have a major potty mouth...don't tell my grandma.

i love my dogs...but their bad manners make me nervous about raising human babies one day.

i need things in even numbers. like the volume on the tv. and the amount of starburst i eat.

i can't whistle. never learned how.

but i CAN say my alphabet backwards...and it's my secret dream to, for some non-illegal reason, have a police officer ask me to do it...cuz i would BLOW. HIS. MIND.

i CANNOT deal with people who can't use correct automatically labels you as ignorant in my book. i kinda feel the same way with spelling...cuz spellcheck is not that hard.

my only exception is ya'll.....because it looks prettier than y'all.
i am a notorious duck-facer. i can't help it. it just happens...mostly when i'm drunk. or can't make my smile look normal.

this is a distinctly hayley version of the DF...and i do this a lot.

if you wanna play along, link up at LMM's blog!!


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I can't whistle either. It's kind of embarassing really...but I don't care enough to try. And I don't get the duck face...why does everyone else look some what normal and cutesy when they do it. I tried once and looked absolutely redonkulous.

Hannah @ The New Black said...

That evens number is funny! I have to have the TV volume on a multiple of five. Don't know why, but if it's not it drives me bonkers.

You can totally pull of the duckface, I just look like a wanker when I try it, but does it stop me? No!

Little Miss Southern said...

"only when i realllllly like you, will i start wearing shorter shoes when we hang out so i don't tower over you."
LOVE that!

Amy Lynn said...

I hate it when people use improper grammar and spell SIMPLE things wrong. OMG! A mistake every now and then is one thing, but to repeatedly do it, c'mon!!!! The worst is when things are wrong in important documents, advertisements, or anything where someone is trying to impress me. HA! Yeah, just crossed YOU off my list!

Dharma said...

Potty mouth? Meet Mrs. Potty Mouth. I won't tell your Grandma on you, pinky swear.

I get the heels till you actually matter to me bit, which is why I've worn 2.5 inches of heel around my shrimpy boss for 6 years ;)

Amber J. said...

Hi!! I found you on Jill's blog. Couuldn't resist following because I looooove deals, steals AND heels. Win,win,win.