Monday, December 20, 2010

it's like a shiny trip down memory lane

i admit...i'm a total martha stewart whore. i LOVE her. i, to this day, buy martha stewart weddings magazines because i love them.

but when it comes to christmas,

i have to ignore ms. stewart. because, as much as i love theme, matchy trees in other people's homes, and in ain't for me.

at least not right now...because i simply cannot fathom NOT having all my ornaments, with all my memories on my tree.

and since it's five days until christmas, and i officially hit adulthood this weekend when my mother handed over ALL of my ornaments from when i was a kid...i thought you might like to see the things twinkling on my tree.

first off....the hubs and i have started trying to buy ornaments when we travel. this evil eye talisman came from greece on our honeymoon....we also got a little pair of clogs from the airport in amsterdam....since TECHNICALLY we've been to the netherlands...even if it was just a layover =)
this is one of the newest ornaments on my tree....and a blog buddy turned real-life bff has the same one. we bought them on a target date....and they are so gloriously obnoxious and tacky that they could NOT be ignored.

if the godfather was a drag queen...he'd have bought this ornament.

there's also the ornaments that commemorate my undying love for all things cinderella.
what, you DON'T have a castle covered in glitter that also fits a christmas light in it?! are missing out then. i've totally got the slipper on a pillow ornament...AND cinderella's pumpkin chariot.

don't be jealous.
really? you thought i wouldn't have some shoes on my tree?? tsk tsk...of COURSE i do!! and it's barbie, OF COURSE. those bad boys also spin.
i got this little lady from my kindergarten teacher. so yes....she's got a ding or 2. but she's also 22 YEARS OLD. ornament years that's gotta be least 40. but she won't get botox...she's too classy for that.

and now, most favorite ornament EVER....
he's my jumping jack!!! see how his right leg looks a little off....yeah, it doesn't "jump" anymore. so he waves his arms...and kicks one foot. he also lost his head once, but mama remedied that. i can't even remember a time when i didn't have this guy to share christmas with when i got him out of the box, i honestly teared up a little. because he's with me. he'll be hanging out on the tree when my kids have christmas. SO. WEIRD.

i've got all sorts of ornaments, the hubs and i get a dated one every year, plus whatever catches my eye...but nothing beats my old-school ones =)

do you have a favorite ornament for your tree?


Kathryn said...

The problem is I have too many favorites! I agree with you, I can't do a matchy-matchy or theme tree. It's the sentimental random ornaments that mean the most!

Amy Lynn said...

I love looking at other people's ornaments! I love your decorating style, and I absolutely ADORE the shoe tree :)

Laura said...

I have that shoe tree ornament too!!! hahaha, I'm planning on posting about my favorite ornaments later this week, and it totally made the list!

bananas. said...

i'm totally a mitchy matchy xmas tree decorator but i'm slowly adding disney ornaments, as long as their pre-approved by me. haha.

Sonya said...

I have the same castle and it's one of my absolute favorites!